We’re Expanding our Services to Help Students in Middle School!

We are happy to announce a new expansion of our program to help younger students and their families get a much-needed head start preparing for college!

College Liftoff Plus is the answer for families who want to get stay ahead of the college game–setting up a college budget strategy and exposing their children to various career paths to give them a real-world idea of what jobs and careers are out there.

CL Plus is also perfect for younger students who are driven “go-getters” that would  benefit from personalized academic curriculum and course planning throughout early high school to align with their college goals.

And when it comes to setting a college budget, parents really can’t begin preparing too early. Many parents come to us, asking “when should we start saving for college? When should we create a college budget?” But problems arise when they don’t begin thinking about this early enough.

Parents are recognizing this and are coming to us now for help earlier and earlier–as early as their child’s eighth grade year. That’s why we’ve expanded our all-encompassing college planning services–which we typically would begin during a student’s sophomore, junior or senior year–to accommodate the needs of these and more families.

There are a host of benefits from working on your child’s college plan in middle school or early high school with CL Plus. Learn more here.

Contact us today to get started with College Liftoff Plus!