Time to think SCHOLARSHIPS!

Now that the Early Action deadline has passed, it’s time to think scholarships. 

If your teen has already applied to schools, it’s time to set their sights on a new task: funding. The world of scholarships is vast, and can be overwhelming. Don’t worry–we’ve got tips to break it down.

  • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait to be accepted to a school before looking into their scholarship offerings. Some deadlines even pop up over the holidays! Have your student research scholarships on the websites of each school they applied to.
  • Always, always, always look over a scholarship your child is considering applying to if it comes via a 3rd party. Some “scholarships” are clever ruses to obtain personal information from students. Be sure to verify the credibility of any outside scholarships before your student applies. Questions on how to do this? Give us a call or leave us a note on our website.