Should you take a summer break from college planning?

Ah, summer. We’re sure you’re looking forward to a nice, relaxing break from thinking about anything related to academics or school. No doubt your teen is too.

So here’s a tip to help your family stay relaxed: Don’t take a summer break from college planning.

It might seem counter-intuitive at first. If you want to relax…why would you and your teen spend the summer doing college planning work?!

Because if you put it off now, you’ll both be twice as stressed when the school year starts back up again.

Also, if you start this summer…it won’t actually be that much work.

Think of it this way–your teen has three months off of his or her rigorous academic, sports, and extracurricular schedule. Even with a part-time job and other summer plans, there will be plenty of down time.

Instead of texting and playing video games, why not have your teen do some soul searching when it comes to careers paths?

We call this career development work, and it takes our advisors here at College Liftoff about 40 hours total to do with our students.

Over the course of the school year–with school, homework, sports, clubs, extracurriculars, etc.–this can our students take six to seven months.

Over the summer, though, your child could do this same amount of work–focused, and arguably better–in just two months.

And we promise, it won’t take up all their time. Like we said, we spend approximately 40 hours doing this work with our students. But they can break up the hours however the like, between vacations and part-time work.

Another added benefit to spending this time over the summer—your teen won’t be competing with school for time and brain space.

We work with high schoolers every single day. We we want them to spend their academic year studying, doing homework, and involved in the extracurriculars they’re so passionate about. And we know how busy their schedules get.

So if your teen spends the summer doing some good career development work–instead of cramming it all into the school year (when it’s crunch time)–he or she can focus more on school during the school year.

Trust us–have your teen start this important work now. Here’s how to get started. And have your teen take on a summer job or internship. It’s actually a great way to introduce them to the working world.

And please, take a summer vacation (or two).

But speaking of vacations…we have some important advice you don’t want to miss.


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