He was all set for college when his admissions counselor dropped this bombshell…

Like many high school students, Ryan Wright wasn’t sure what he wanted study in college. So, his parents found a local college planning firm to help him explore the right options for him.

“I showed up to College Liftoff with no idea where I wanted to go, and very little idea as to what I wanted to study. When Aaron from College Liftoff started asking me questions about my interests and things that I liked to do, we focused in on Public Administration and talked about the opportunities for law school,” Ryan said.

“Over the course of about four months we started doing a lot of research and visiting colleges all over the eastern half of the U.S. that lined up with my major,” he continued. “We decided on Capital University and locked in my Public Administration and Political Science majors.”

Ryan was all set to start his freshman year…but then his admissions counselor dropped a bombshell.

His major had been eliminated.

“Two months before school was scheduled to start, we were sitting in a meeting with my admissions counselor and she informed us that they had dropped my major because of low enrollment,” Ryan said. 

What now? Everyone wondered. Ryan was locked in to Capital University…but, after all that planning he and his family had done, was left completely without a plan.

“I went into the semester without a major,” Ryan said, “until I met with my adviser the second week.” From there, he said, “We built a set of majors that would closely line up with the Public Administration major that was eliminated. I decided to major in Financial Economics and Political Science and continue on the pre-law track.”

Thanks to all the career planning prep Ryan had done in high school with College Liftoff, along with the hard work of his new college adviser, Ryan was able to work everything out for the better. “I am currently loving Capital. Second semester I joined a fraternity on campus and tried out successfully for the golf team,” he reported happily.

Even better though? “I finished my first year at Capital in May and came back to campus in August as a standing junior because of AP and Post-Secondary credits,” he said. “I am thankful that Aaron and College Liftoff was there to guide me in choosing a major, and more importantly finding the best school in the country for myself at a price that me and my parents can both afford.”