Planning for your child’s future when everything feels uncertain.

Virtual Meetings
To protect our client families during the COVID-19 outbreak, College Liftoff is making all of our meetings virtual so we can continue our college planning work together.

As a parent, you’re used to having a plan.

So I want to take a moment to recognize what a challenging time this is for families right now with the COVID-19 quarantines, school closings, and social distancing.

School closings and cancelled extracurriculars probably weren’t a part of your or your teen’s original plan. While these new measures are by far the most responsible thing we can do for our community, the anxiety families are feeling about the unknowns is palpable.
What’s this all going to mean for your teen’s spring semester? First and foremost on your mind is probably keeping your child from falling behind…especially with college looming.
The truth is… with your child home (and significantly less busy), there is no better time to talk about college.
We can absolutely help you do this during this time. All our work has moved to digital meetings during this time of social distancing, so we aren’t missing a beat when it comes to college planning for our clients.
We are fortunate to be able to sit down over a Google Meet or Google Hangout and talk with your family, one on one, about creating your child’s perfect college plan. We already use this method with our many clients who are outside the Columbus, Ohio area…and it doesn’t change the work we do together one bit.
So even remotely during this time of social distancing, our college planning advisors can help your child refine their interests into majors and career paths.
And we can help your child do thorough and directed college research–to get them ahead of the game, and not falling behind while they’re out of school and activities.
College Liftoff’s Writing Center can even help your child work on their Common App essays while they’re home. So just think…instead of laying around bored, your child could be crafting their perfect college essay and be FINISHED with it before summer even starts.
The truth is, it may be a few weeks or more with schools and activities cancelled. And it’s not going to be easy adjusting to a new normal. But we can turn this time of social distancing into a better situation by working together to create the perfect college plan for your child–while there’s nothing else distracting them.
Again, we recognize how blessed we are to be able to do all of our work virtually. We are currently working with 200 families virtually to create their teens’ best college plan and brightest future.