Launching our newest service for younger teens!

When is the best time to start planning for your child’s education? College Liftoff answered this question last night, when we launched our first-ever orientation for College Liftoff Plus!

College Liftoff Plus, or CL Plus as we affectionately refer to it around our office, is an extended College Liftoff service geared towards students around 9th and 10th grades.

Why is this time, between graduating middle school and entering junior year, important for college planning?

With colleges offering hundreds of majors–and with real world job requirements being more specialized than ever before–career development is crucial to college planning.

And while this work can absolutely still be done during a student’s junior or senior year, there are benefits for many families to start sooner.

Some students are more forward thinking and ready to dive in to exploring their future career options. Others have stringent time commitments (due to sports or activities) that make spreading out the work over a few years more beneficial.

But starting early has some benefits for parents too. It’s important for parents to understand the truth about higher education and its costs as early as possible. That way, they can properly manage their college funding budgets.

The sooner both parents and teens can begin learning to think about college the right way–based on the way it exists today–the better positioned they will be for the future!

And we are happy to report our new CL Plus students are ready and eager to start this new chapter mapping out their futures.

Their curriculum includes eye-opening career development work, job shadowing, career specialty seminars, and both individualized and group self-assessment–so they are best prepared for full-on college planning work entering 11th grade.

Last night, our CL Plus families got to know each other as we reviewed the program. Students also received the opportunity to write “a letter to their future selves,” to be opened on College Signing Day (May 1st, nationally) of their senior years.

We are so happy to be working with this group of bright young students for the next few years!

To find out if CL Plus is right for your family, call Aaron at 614-329-6633 or send us a message.