Can my teen skip college and become a social media star?

In an age where we often read about young people making millions on YouTube or hundreds of dollars per Instagram post, it’s only normal for teens and their parents to pause and think:

“Do we even need college?”

I mean, we are constantly being told that student loan debt in the trillions, tuition alone has risen 400% in the last 13 years, and that college has generally gone crazy.

We also talk pretty heavy here at “Launched” about the market being flooded with less-than-marketable degrees.

So…can your child just skip college and become a self-made millionaire? Everyone’s doing it, right?

Not so much. According to the humorously educational hit TV show “Adam Ruins Everything,” (Tuesdays on TruTV) you are four times more likely to be murdered at the Grand Canyon (how’s that for specific?) than your are to become a self-made millionaire.

This show, as always, does a great job of explaining why we need college in 2 minutes or less. Check it out below.

But even if your teen could become a big star…would you want them to? Here’s a look into family life changes for young social media stars.