Is College Worth it?

There’s a lot going on in the news regarding college…and whether it’s even worth it to go anymore.

It’s even become yet another political issue, with one side declaring that a college degree is not worth the cost, and the other side advocating for free college tuition.

In case you missed it, just the other day, the Washington Post posted this article displaying just how contentious this topic has become. And it’s personal–with so many American families facing the realities of the rising costs of college.

(As we’ve said in the past, college costs have risen 1200 percent since they themselves graduated high school…making college education cost as much as a house.)

There’s a lot of political opinions we clearly will not get into or entertain. But the overall sentiment of this article is that college is NOT worth it.

Some of the harsher sentiments both published in the article and posted in the comments include that college that it ill prepares students for the world… that graduates won’t be able to find a job… that grads will drown in debt… and that college makes students lazy, entitled, and unable to face the real world.

We disagree whole-heartedly with those notions. We see first hand how hard-working the millennial generation is, and can vouch for the generation emerging behind it.

As a matter of fact, the high school students we work with continue to impress us with their work ethic and ingenuity on the daily.

Plus, a recent Pew Research study showed a median yearly income gap of $17,500 between college grads and high school grads.

In other words, college graduates make an average of $17,500 a year more than high school-only grads. This adds up to about $875,000 over the course of a 50-year working career.

However, we see where these negative sentiments about college come from. Student loan debt is a HUGE problem. So is the fact that college costs have risen so astronomically–so that, if not planned out right, college could have your children drowning in debt, ill prepared for the realities of the workforce, and having difficulty finding employment.

With these two dichotomous realities, what do you do?

We answer this in this very, very important podcast. Take a listen–it’s worth a few minutes of your time.