How to write your best college essay

College Essay Writing
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It’s the most important essay of your high schooler’s life–the college essay. And it can make or break your teen’s college applications.

No pressure or anything. Right?

That’s what we thought. This time is really stressful for your teen. I mean, they’ve already worked so hard for their GPA…and they’ve taken the ACT. Those are two main factors your teen can count on when it comes to getting into college.

But the essay? That’s a wildcard. What if the admissions officers don’t like it?

Never fear, College Liftoff is here. We’ve got the perfect preventative for a poorly-written–and poorly-received–college essay.

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Your teen doesn’t need to come with anything written–no ideas or notes at all. Just come with a blank page. We’ll help them craft a winning essay that’s sure to impress admissions officers.

And not only will the college essay be awesome–the writer will be awesome too! The tips and tactics our team of experts will teach your teen will carry on to help them become a better writer overall–and take their writing to the collegiate level.

Our team of writing experts–trained in The Ohio State University’s own Writing Center–is eager to share their knowledge. Don’t let your teen miss the essay-writing tips they need to get noticed by colleges!

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