How to make the most of your high schooler’s winter break.

college planning columbus ohioWhat’s that sound? Is it the sound of teens cheering (or sighing in relief) that winter break is finally here?

Your kid has worked hard this semester and deserves some time off. But with college being just around the corner, it’s also smart for your child to use these next couple of weeks wisely–meaning, make the most of the time your teen has off from school to get some college planning in.

What does this mean? Well, here’s a handy guide.

If your teen is a junior: This is it–the perfect time to have that college conversation with your teen. Start job shadowing, start researching schools, and take the ACT. Or take it again.

If your teen is a senior: Look for scholarships–now! As may as you can find. Look at what’s available for the schools you’ve applied to.

If your teen is a senior client of ours: make sure to come to our Alumnae/Senior Luncheon, so your teen can hear firsthand from members of our Class of ’18 about what freshman year is like. Aren’t you and your teen curious about what the transition to college will be like? Come get some coffee and all the free advice you can glean!

If you haven’t started college planning, and aren’t sure where to start: Come to our free Lunch ‘n Learn, “How to Avoid Becoming a Student Loan Debt Statistic.” Despite the name, this isn’t a seminar on student loans; rather, it’s a whole conversation about where to start college planning so you can avoid the pitfalls of improper planning.

Bottom line–there’s probably something you should be doing now to plan ahead, because once school starts again it’s going to get busier and busier. Save yourself the stress! And if you have any specific questions about what you should be doing at this point, please give us a call at 614-329-6633 or contact us with a question. We’ve got the answers and are happy to chat!

Have a very Happy Holiday season.