High school students need more help…so we’re delivering!

 They say the more the merrier…so College Liftoff is about to get merry! Next week, we are starting three new advisors to work with our growing clientele.

This has been our busiest year yet, with the largest number of high school families we’ve ever worked with.

“College planning didn’t used to be a ‘thing’ people realized they needed,” says College Liftoff founder Aaron Greene. “Families are more and more starting to see that, with all the schools and majors and options out there, plus with the ever-rising cost of college, that they really do need help. And a lot of it. Families–and students–can’t afford NOT to get help.”

And the help they need has expanded outside the scope of their high school guidance counselors. With so many students assigned to one guidance counselor in a high school, it’s impossible for each counselor to spend more than several minutes with each student when it comes to college planning.

That’s why we’ve hired three new advisors, in addition to our manager of client planning just months ago. We spend 40-50 hours with each of our students doing personalized college planning–from career planning to saving money paying for it all. Our three new advisors will ensure College Liftoff can continue to spend the most time needed with each student to plan their college careers and beyond–even with our increasing client base.

All in all, College Liftoff has worked with more than 650 families and found ways to save them more than $35 million in higher education. Our mission is to “secure your child’s brightest future…and save you thousands of dollars along the way.”

Our commitment is to each client personally, and our expanding team of advisors is eager to join in this commitment to help the teens and families of Central Ohio and beyond.

So who are these new advisors? More to come on each of them soon!