Giving Thanks for all we have.

These days, it sometimes seems hard to stop and smell the roses. This is arguably one of the more busy and stressful times in your family’s life, what with all the college prep work you and your teen are doing (job shadowing, applications, scholarship research, and campus visit set ups, etc.).

Not to mention–the holidays are coming up.

Potatoes piled high at NSI.

We are big believers in taking small breaks, however, to remember our good fortunes. The College Liftoff family–including our staff and clients–has been blessed many times over.

college prep
Our staff receives instruction from Neighborhood Services, Inc. (NSI) director Martin Butler.

We have food in our fridges, roofs over our heads, and educational opportunities ahead of us. It’s important to stop and remember that, even in the most stressful of times

But right here in Columbus, Ohio, more than 500,000 people are food insecure–many of them children and teens. They rely on food pantries like the Neighborhood Services, Inc. to eat.

Our staff took one of those “breaks” yesterday evening to help the Neighborhood Services, Inc. prepare hearty Thanksgiving dinner bags for their patrons, who are our very own neighbors here in Columbus.

We felt grateful to be in the position to help, and we enlisted the help of other friends to maximize effort. It was amazing what we could accomplish in just a few hours, and we had fun doing it!

College Liftoff staff at NSI.

Neighborhood Services, Inc. is a wonderful organization that serves our community with dignity and compassion. They put their hearts and souls into helping families in need.

We here at College Liftoff are looking forward to partnering more with Neighborhood Services, Inc. in the future to help in any way we can–to ensure our city’s children and teens’ brightest futures.