Connecting high school seniors and college freshmen

College planning
College parents give high school parents tips on surviving that first semester of college.

College Liftoff has a special winter break tradition we’d like to share with you. Each year, we host a fun, casual breakfast for the families of our high school senior clients and a few past clients who are currently in college.

The purpose is to let our college kids and their parents give the high school seniors and their folks some helpful advice as they embark into their final semester of high school. There’s lots of “what did you wish you knew when you were in my shoes?” types of questions from both the high school seniors and their parents.

Many of our seniors asked our college students about things like how to get along with new roommates. Parents asked questions regarding campus safety, traveling to visit their children at college, and meal plans.

Truthfully, high school senior families can be overwhelmed at this point in the year, so our goal is to help them get any inside advice they can get from families who have been in their shoes recently. And every year, our clients appreciate this session and find it valuable.

College planning
College freshmen give high school seniors helpful advice about the first semester of college.

Now that the new year is here, College Liftoff has a host of additional events coming up for both clients and the general public–so bookmark our blog and our events page to keep checking back! You won’t want to miss some of our valuable advice sessions.