College Application Season–just around the corner!

Students take the Common App
We find confidence comes with camaraderie–and that includes the Common App!

It’s almost August 1st…which means The Common App will be open! It’s College Application Season, baby!

But…should your teen log on and start applying August 1st?

Our answer: NO.

You see, every year, College Liftoff offers a special Common App Open House for our seniors to come in and work on their Common Apps. They enjoy some pizza, coffee, snacks and College Liftoff’s expert staff support throughout the process.

This year, we’re having open hours on August 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th (instead of the 1st). Why? Because with sooo many students logging on the day it opens, the site tends to be slow and sometimes crashes.

Who needs that when completing college applications? No one.

So if you’ve got a senior, make sure he or she knows about this date and logs on at least to check out how the process works. And if you’re a College Liftoff client, make sure to take advantage of our Common App Open House.  There have been some big changes to the Common App…so make sure you learn them! And if you have any questions, contact us for a prompt answer.