College Planning

You know it. We know it. They know it. The college application process is broken and we think it’s high time someone came along and made sense of things. It’s time to reset the rules. 

Embrace the journey of following your path, not just getting in. It’s about empowering your student mentally, physically, and financially for a successful college application process, and more importantly, career success. Let’s eliminate any confusion and demystify the process. Our mission is to gain control over the college application journey.

Doing this requires a bit of a backwards way of thinking. While most college advice begins with “choosing schools first, and then a major later,” we start our process with a healthy dose of career development work.

From there we can help your teens find their best schools based on the best programs in their desired field. That gives way to being able to find the schools that are truly the best fit, both financially and otherwise.

This isn’t something that happens with personality quizzes, books of majors, or arbitrary seminars. It comes from real, personal, one-on-one work with your teen. So, our path gives your student their own Advisor to guide them through every step of the process—from college and career research to applications to navigating financial aid.

When your student follows our path, it works. Every time. For every teen. And it can be done both virtually or face-to-face just the same. We cater to your family’s location, schedule, and needs.

If your teen has special considerations—for example, they’re a student athlete or a student with learning differences navigating an IEP/504 plan—their College Planning Advisor is well-equipped to offer your teen the right guidance and support.

We are Pathfinders—The College Planning Experts (formerly College Liftoff. We changed our name, but not our MISSION—to make it perfectly clear what we do and what we stand for).

Our mission is to secure your student’s brightest future and save you thousands of dollars along the way. Let’s get started.