What kind of measurable result does college planning produce?

Proper college planning is a thing every American family needs–and here’s proof. Take a look at the College Liftoff Class of 2018, and how they compared to the national average on a number of key points.

100 percent of our Class of 2018 felt confident that the school they chose was their best fit socially and academically. That alone is huge. Moreover, they:

  • Received $4.4 million in scholarship offers over the course of four years.
  • Scored an average of seven points higher on the ACTs than the national average … and their average SAT score was more than 200 points higher!
  • Took on nearly $20,000 less SLD than the national average.

And…for their parents:

  • College Liftoff’s strategies gave them the ability to save an average of $80,000 in four year college costs over the national average!

The fact is, proper college planning WORKS.

On the flip side, improper college preparation is akin to no college preparation. In some ways, it may be worse because you’re likely paying for a service that still won’t yield any positive results.

Good college planning takes time. It takes more than 40 hours of career planning, job shadowing, and one-on-one work with a trained advisor. And even then, it takes working with that person throughout the admissions process and finding ways to reduce college costs and student loan debt–ways in which the average parent and most college counselors don’t fully understand.

College is one of the biggest investments you can make for your child…and today, perhaps the biggest your child will make for his or herself.

College Liftoff is Ohio’s premier college planning firmSince 2009, College Liftoff has helped hundreds of teens find their best-fitting colleges and career paths, while saving their families more than $30 million in higher education costs.  College Liftoff’s motto is “securing your son or daughter’s brightest future…and saving you thousands of dollars along the way.” Let them do the same for  you.

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