Have your seniors completed their college applications? Ours have!

It’s August and high school is just starting… and almost all of our rising seniors (who started with us as juniors or earlier) have completely finished their college applications!

That’s right. Our students who started with us last year have already:

  • Chosen their desired career paths
  • Selected the schools their applying to
  • Completed their college essays
  • Gathered together all their transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.

How is this possible?

Because since we started working with them, we’ve:

  • Completed 40-plus hours of personalized career development work with them
  • Had them research different programs across the country that offer those areas of study
  • Helped them build a solid degree set
  • Had them take their ACTs and SATs until they were happy with their scores
  • Helped them stay on track of the paperwork they need to obtain to apply for schools
  • Worked with them to perfect their college essays through our professional writing center

So they’re ready! Now they can rest easy and enjoy their senior years–focusing on classwork, sports, extracurriculars, family and friends. All that’s left for them to do is pick their best deal when the acceptance letters roll in.

(Which they will! As a matter of fact, every one of our College Liftoff Class of ’18 survey respondents said they felt 100 percent sure their chosen schools were the best fits for them.)

This applying early is a HUGE advantage to them, because early is the name of the game when it comes to getting the best scholarship deals.

That being said–if you’ve got a senior who is just starting the college process, don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not too late! Let’s talk though to set your family on the right track. We are just beginning to work with a new crop of seniors who have recently come to us. And they’re not going to be behind!

We are going to do this very same work with them on a time scale we know works. We will keep them on track and make sure they find their best school and career path at the right price.

So give us a call–614-329-6633. Send us an e-mail. Find us on Facebook and send us a message. We are happy to discuss how we can personally help your son or daughter make the biggest investment of his or her life–choosing the right education the right way.