Breaking News: College and Universities Suspending ACT/SAT Testing Requirements Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Several colleges and universities are waiving ACT and SAT testing requirements amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

So many things are changing rapidly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic–including admissions to colleges and universities across the country.

For some schools, that means waiving the ACT/SAT testing requirements.

As of April 29, 2020, the following colleges and universities have suspended ACT and SAT requirements for the upcoming year (Class of 2021):

-Harvard University

-Cornell University

-The University of California school system (which includes nine schools: UC Berkeley, UC Davis; UC Irvine; UCLA; UC Merced; UC Riverside; UC San Diego; UC Santa Barbara; and UC Santa Cruz)

Boston University

Case Western Reserve University

Kent State University

-Williams College

-Amherst College

-Northeastern University

-Vassar College

-Pomona College

-The University of Washington

-Texas Christian University

-Tulane University

The following schools are suspending test requirements for three years:

Tufts University

Davidson College

-Haverford College

-Rhodes College

-Trinity University

The following schools are eliminating test requirements completely:

-The University of Oregon

-Oregon State University

-Scripps College

College Liftoff will keep up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of college admissions in this time, and will keep this list updated for you.

In the longer term, we aren’t quite sure what will happen. So much will change in light of this pandemic. Many schools have long-considered becoming test-optional. This may be the time to make that a realty for a greater number of them. There are definitely pros and cons to standardized testing for college admissions. Keep in mind that there is no standard in what colleges require across the board, so individual schools may choose to respond differently to the COVID-19 situation.

College Liftoff will stay on top of all the college-related news related to this pandemic in the coming weeks or months and will keep you posted.