Breaking college news: some colleges are extending application deadlines

best time to start college planning
You may have more time to apply to colleges!

You may have seen this article regarding some elite colleges extending their application deadlines. There’s a lot of speculation going on about why this may be. Some in the industry are speculating that perhaps high tuition costs are preventing many high school seniors from applying. Some wonder if fewer high schoolers are seeking college in general. Others wonder if schools are becoming even less competitive.

None of those are true. The number of seniors applying to more and more colleges has actually increased in the last 10 years, as the article states. (And, it’s important to remember, that which each application comes a fee. So by extending the application deadlines, schools are actually cashing in.)

But the biggest reason for extending deadlines is that schools actually want to stay competitive–not the other way around. Due to the way the system is, as we outlined in a previous post, colleges don’t have a good way of knowing who is actually going to enroll after acceptance.

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