Aaron Greene’s thoughts regarding COVID-19…

virtual college planning
Aaron working from home during the COVID-19 “shelter-in-place!”

We’re living through extraordinary times, and we’re all stressed and worried. But we’re going to get through this together better.


Think of this time as a mandatory “retreat.” Use this time to get better at something. Don’t let the virus “get” you (literally, of course–stay home, and practice social distancing and hygiene to stay healthy!). But what I really mean is, don’t let the fear of it paralyze you. Don’t let it stop you from becoming your best you. Go watch your favorite movie (or all of them–mine are the Star Wars films), and turn up the volume on your favorite “pump up” music (my wife has been blasting Nelly).


Read… start a new workout… learn to dance the merengue… or practice your favorite craft. COVID-19 might keep us in, but it can’t take us down if we don’t let it.


As for COVID-19–we’re coming for it. Trust me. After studying and researching careers and degrees in the Biomedical and Biomolecular fields… and knowing the students we’ve sent forth in those fields… I can tell you we have our TOP humans working tirelessly to beat it. Our best science knows no borders or nationalities. Our resolve can not be matched.  Make no mistake, we will defeat it, and in time this will be a profound but distant memory.


And as for College Liftoff–we’re aggressively pushing to get things done during this time. How we operate may have changed, but our work hasn’t changed. Twenty-five percent of our clients come from outside the Central Ohio area–even internationally. Working virtually with a teen is as native to us as meeting in our office.


For the time being, your teen will be hanging out at home. They have time now. It won’t be forever though. Their future is on it’s way, and they need to be ready. 


If your teen is going to be applying to college in the fall, they need to be planning today. Use this time at home to begin. Our 200 clients are doing this now, and will continue to make massive headway when it comes to mapping out their brightest futures. 


If you, or someone you know has a teen with college in their future, pass our information along. We’ll make sure this time is as positive and productive as possible.  And we’ll help start building the next generation of biomedical scientists, biomolecular engineers, doctors, nurses, journalists, lawmakers, and beyond.

-Aaron Greene